Sunday, July 23, 2017

Relief Society!

Just a heads up - not too much happened this past week so there isn't too much to email about. But I'll try throw some random things in here to make it seem semi-interesting and long.

First, it's been a cold week in Australia! I guess nothing compared to places that aren't actually close to the equator, but it's been pretty cold and even windy here. It makes door knocking way better though, everything looks and feels nice and fresh and the people have a little more pity on you because they're wondering what you're doing walking around without a jumper/jacket.

We also got to mow a lawn today! And I got to witness my companion save a little girls life! As we were mowing with some members, a little girl was playing in the yard and my companion told her to move away, and literally seconds after she moved a rock from a whipper snipper (to all non-australians that's what they call weed wackers) flew right to where here head used to be and into a window, completely shattering it. The window looked cool though, it was still partially held together and had thousands of cracks all over it.

We also found some new people to teach this week, who seem to have potential! One of them is a younger boy, who's mom is a less active, but he's seems really interested and likes the games and tricks we use to teach him.

And last, I got to teach relief society! I think it was my first time even being in a relief society class. One of the members had invited my companion and I to come teach about the Godhead for a few minutes, so we did, and it definitely felt different from teaching a priesthood class. It was good though, and I guess I'll use that as my spiritual thought for today...

One thing that we believe, that not many others believe, is that the Godhead isn't the common "Holy Trinity" beliefs, but that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are all 3 distinct and separate beings. In Matthew chapter 3, there is a bit of evidence for that when Jesus is baptized, and also in Acts chapter 7 when Stephen sees Jesus standing on the right hand of God, but one that we all seem to forget is the first vision, where Joseph Smith becomes a witness that they are all distinct beings and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have bodies. But, although separate, they are one in purpose, and that purpose is to bring to pass our immortality and eternal life! Everything they do is for our benefit!

Hope you all have a good week!
Elder Ho

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