Sunday, June 4, 2017

Another Week in Holland Park

Just finished week 2 in Holland Park! It's been pretty much the same as the last week though, so I'm not too sure what to email about. Lets see.... We've just been doing the usual. Teaching the same people, knocking doors, etc. Maybe I'll just send some pictures since these computers are actually good ones for once.

So this is my last companion, learning to drive. It was a ... great experience. 

Another picture. That smile is just me trying to hide my fear.

My new companion and I on a road trip to a zone conference with the zone leaders...

My last area with another set of Elders that lived near us:

The new district we're in:

A trip to the temple that we took last month:

Anyways, a quick little spiritual thought...
We are less than dust of the earth, yet we have the potential to become gods. I think one of the ways to progress to that point is to realize that we are less than dust of the earth, and to humble ourselves, but don't think that humility means to condemn yourself and not see the potential within you. Humble yourself but remember the vision of what you wish to one day become.

Thanks everyone for your love and support! Hopefully I'll have more to email about next time.
-Elder Ho

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