Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Final Week of the Transfer

This transfer has gone by way too fast, it's crazy! The weeks and days just seem to go by so quick. And sorry, our p-day got moved to thursday, which is why I'm emailing today. But it's been a good week and a half!

I guess the first news for this week was that there was a big meeting for all the Auxiliary leaders and bishopric and stake members, with the mission president and missionaries, to talk about missionary work. It was a pretty good meeting, but what was really cool was being able to see members from the ward I started in, since I'm back in the same stake! It kinda makes me look back and realize how much time has passed.

Also, my companion's birthday was a few days ago, and we got to have a dinner with some members to celebrate it! He's 21 now, and we got to enjoy a bit of kfc for his birthday (his favorite food).

As for people we're teaching, for most of our investigators we're focusing a lot on getting them to come to church, since none of them have been coming for the past few weeks.

Sorry, it's gonna be a short email, but I'll be more prepared for monday when I'll be emailing again.
Thanks everyone for your love and support, hope you all have a good week!
Elder Ho

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