Wednesday, August 9, 2017

E Komo Mai

One of my side goals on the mission is to meet someone who was born and raised in Hawaii that lives in Australia now. I've met someone from Hawaii but it didn't fully count because they were only visiting as part of their mission assignment. As we were door knocking I thought I was going to be able to check that goal off my list as we walked up to a door that had a Hawaiian phrase on it, "E Komo Mai". Unfortunately, when we knocked, the lady who answered wasn't from Hawaii, and wasn't interested in talking about her sign or the gospel either. So my search continues...

Anyways, this past week had quite a few miracles! To name a few...

The first one is Hilton! He's a young boy that we've been teaching, and I can't remember if I've mentioned him already. But we've been able to set him on date for the 26th of August, and his mom is fully supportive, in fact, pushing him to be baptized as soon as possible!

Another miracle we saw was as we were finishing up a night of street contacting, we began to walk back to our car to head home and sleep! As we were walking, a car pulled up along side us and inside a former investigator asked to meet with us again! We did meet with him and answer a few questions, and we're not sure how interested he really is, but he did mention that he'd love to have us over for dinner at his parents house, who are actually members of the Reorganized LDS church! The mom is from Hawaii too so, might be able to check that goal off my list soon.

Another miracle! One day we decided to go door knocking and chose a street. We only talked to 3 people on that street because all three of them were willing to talk with us! The first one became a new investigator after teaching her about the Book of Mormon, the second one wasn't interested but let us in his house and talked with us about his travels and let us say a prayer for him, and the third one was the son of a Pastor but said we could share a message with him so we shared one about the restoration of the Gospel (if I remember correctly).

And I also learned that there are more illegal things in Australia, such as potato launchers, slingshots with an arm-brace, and killing birds.

To finish off, we also got to meet a less active who has a pretty awesome piano gift, where he can sight read just about any music. What was also pretty cool was that, even though he hasn't been to church for ages, he was able to play just about any hymn or church song by memory. We're hoping to invite him to our upcoming talent night!

And my quick spiritual message for today: Look for miracles! They're all over. I've experienced many miracles, but unfortunately I never really saw them or appreciated them till I started looking for them.

Thanks everyone for your love and support,
Elder Ho

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